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Treatment of Accruals

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Hello Everyone,

I would really appreciate, if someone puts light on it please. I am confused about how to treat Accruals, which were mistakenly created. 


on 31st January, I passed an Accrual for Water rates for £1000 (Estimate) and then on 1st February, I reversed the accruals leaving a credit balance in the Water Expense account in sage software for the month of February.

On 15th of Febraury, I came to know that, I have mistakenly created the accruals and no such invoice for water rates is expected. I produce monthly management accounts. Now the problem is previous month management accounts, I cannot adjust. What should I do in order to remove this credit balance in the water expense account?


Please help!!!




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The accounts for January show a debit of £1000. In February you reversed the journal so the accounts show a credit of £1000. You do not now need to do anything as overall there is nothing in the accounts for water. If you were to look at the accounts for the two months, there wouldn't be anything in them for water. 

Any help?



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Thanks for your reply. 

Yes, you are absolutely right. But as I produce monthly management accounts.  when I prepare february P&L statement, 1000 credit appear in water account. Thats odd. How to deal with this?

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If you look at the journals you entered for January & February originally & then post the opposite for both month now this will correct the individual months for you 

Good luck


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