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Linkedin ICB Glasgow Brach update and Glasgow facebook page

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Hi All


Please find attached our Linkedin page for ICB Glasgow branch. This is where as branch leader I update on important Glasgow meetings and Scotland Financial stories that ICB bookkeepers in Scotland. It allows other to see how professional ICB Glasgow is; we have 80 followers.


ICB has set up a facebook page Glasgow for those of you who want to speak privately. However, as your current branch leader, I will leave this to the ICB to do all updates as I will not be on facebook.

So many times on the forum I hear members say that applied to join the local facebook branch and never heard anything back.   This is not good and I would never what a member to think they were excluded.  This is why I believe all information should be on here so it includes all the old and new members who all can join this forum. 

It is better to do something well and for all our members to feel included. 


As a company and a personal choice, I do not allow facebook on our office computers or phones. Facebook is a company that shows no respect for your data. Therefore I will continue to post on Glasgow Linkedin or this ICB Forum. I will not be posting on Facebook.


If you need to speak to me, you very welcome to email me on or if you have any ideas, please post them here in the Scotland region.  This is a private area and is not viewed by the public.    Not all members what to be on facebook.



Kind regards


Sarah Douglas 

Glasgow Branch Leader.



Edited at 24 Jan 2018 12:09 AM GMT

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