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Glasgow Branch Meeting April 18 Research and Development Tax Credits Speaker Richard McLauchlan RandDTax Consultant

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April 18 - Glasgow Branch Meeting 

Venue - It will be in Glasgow City Centre Time 

Date to be confirmed

Speaker:  Richard McLauchlan   RandDTax Consultant


1. Better identify where clients are performing R and D – even when they do not recognise it themselves. 

2 Understand and clear up some of the myths and misconceptions which surround R and D Tax Credits

3 Delve into the reasons why many clients dramatically under claim and find out the latest HMRC practices on first time SME claims. 

4 Find out what triggers HMRC investigations and how best to avoid those.

5. Understand why some clients and accountancy firms are afraid to make claims.

6 Find out how both clients and their accountants can minimise the task of making successful claims.

7 Identify the most common problems with gathering accurate costs, and completing the CT600 and Tax Computation aspects of making claims.

8 Find out how to have your clients’ claims dealt with in a fast and efficient manner by HMRC. I look forward to seeing you all there in April 2018

Kind Regards 

Sarah Douglas

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Noted.  Hope to see you there


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