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Shopify E Commerce - Bookkeeping

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Just wondered if anyone can offer any advice ?


I am currently working for a client who use Shopify to sell goods. The sales are all made through the internet and paid via stripe or paypal.


The problems are the payments received into the bank, never reconcile with sales report in Shopify ?


Has anyone had similar issues / experiences or used this software ?


I am using Xero cloud accounting which is great and we did set up automation of the 2 systems, but this didnt work , as there are too may sales per day on Shopify that were sending every invoice into Xero automatically.


Any tips or advice on the best way to reconcile bank payments with Shopify sales, would be greatly appreciated ?




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If you have access to their Shopify Account, then when you login on the bottom right there should be "View All Payouts", if you click this, it will take you to the list of payouts, you can extract this as a Excel/CSV file.

So now each line in this file will show you, sales, returns, sales fees, returns fees and the amount paid into the bank.

That should give you enough info to reconcile the incoming receipt from Shopify.

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Hi Vip


Thanks for the information, and yes I have accessed this information.


However  I have discovered , included in the gross charges  figure , which I had assumed was the gross sales, is also postage charges ( no vat )


There isnt a breakdown on this payout summary for postage, have you come across this isssue  ?


also, the client is selling to the EU and there isnt a breakdown of sales to EU in the payout report ?


Thanks for the advice , much appreciated.


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