Get help & support preparing for the 31 January SA 15/16 filing deadline

Leading up to 31 January 2017, HMRC is providing a variety of digital products to support customers who are completing their own, or their clients', 2015-16 Self Assessment tax returns. These include:

  • Self Assessment help and support live sessions where customers can listen to live Q&A and submit questions themselves
  • Live webinars specifically for Agents as part of the series of Digital Talking Points meetings
  • Recorded webinars which can be accessed any time
  • A selection of e-learning packages and toolkits including topics such as Business Expenses are designed specifically for businesses. 

There is also a range of short YouTube videos covering topics such as:

HMRC Live help and support sessions

HMRC appreciates how busy this time of year can be for ICB members as they prepare for the 31 January 2017 SA filing deadline, so why not take advantage of the live help and support sessions HMRC is running throughout January to support you through the process?

You can join these webinars, ask questions and leave at any point - no special equipment is needed, use the links to receive an invitation and connect via the internet or any smart device. To ask questions – use the on-screen textbox and HMRC will send a response.

General Self Assessment Help & Support Webinars for companies and individuals

Cick on a time to suit you

Thursday 05 January       3pm to 5pm

Friday 06 January           9am to 11am

Monday 09 January         11am to 1pm  and 3pm to 5pm

Tuesday 10 January        11am to 1pm and 3pm to 5pm

Wednesday 11 January    1pm to 3pm

Thursday 12 January       9am to 11am and 5pm to 7pm

Friday 13 January          10am to midday

Monday 16 January        midday to 2pm

Tuesday 17 January       1pm to 3pm

Wednesday 18 January   midday to 2pm   and 5pm to 7pm

Thursday 19 January      11am to 1pm   and   3pm to 5pm

Friday 20 January         9am to 11am

How to complete your online tax return

Thursday 12 January - 1pm to 2pm               Book your place here

Monday 16 January - 3pm to 4pm                 Book your place here 

Simpler Income tax for the self-employed

Friday 13 January - 1pm to 2pm                    Book your place here

Tuesday 17 January - 4pm to 5pm                Book your place here

Business Expenses for the self-employed

Tuesday 17 January - 10am to 11am             Book your place here

How to complete your online tax return if you have income from property

Wednesday 11 January 2017 - 11am to midday     Book your place here

Wednesday 25 January 2017 - 4pm to 5pm            Book your place here

Income from property for individuals

Friday 20 January 2017- midday to 1pm                  Book your place here

HMRC also provide an e-learning guide, Letting out a property, that members may find useful. This interactive guide is divided into modules and covers important tax issues, such as the impact of Capital Gains Tax.

Digital Talking Points for Agents

HMRC's series of Digital Talking Points meetings designed with Self Assessment in mind, continues this week. So why not see if they can help you:

Trade Losses:

Looking at the different ways trade losses may be claimed. There are two meetings for this subject.

Thursday 05 January midday to 1pm          Register now for this meeting

Thursday 05 January 2pm to 3pm               Register now for this meeting

Self Assessment tax returns:

Self Assessment filing and paying HMRC

Thursday 12 January 2pm to 3pm                Register now for this meeting 

Capital Allowances and Vehicles:

This mainly covers the special rules for cars and vans. Again this is a popular subject so we are running two meetings.

Wednesday 18 January 11am to midday    Register now for this meeting

Wednesday 18 January 1pm to 2pm           Register now for this meeting

Basis Periods:

This meeting will look at commencement years, changes to accounting date and overlapping periods.

Tuesday 24 January midday to 1pm           Register now for this meeting

Tuesday 24 January 2pm to 3pm                 Register now for this meeting

The following Toolkits may help you file your clients'’ returns by 31 January 2017:

HMRC business profits toolkit, HMRC Income Tax losses toolkit, HMRC capital v revenue expenditure toolkit and the ever popular HMRC expenses and benefits from employment toolkit.

Guidance for plant and machinery in Self Assessment and Company Tax Returns and for Landlords we have - HMRC property rental toolkit and HMRC Capital Gains Tax for land and buildings toolkit.

These interactive meetings will be run on the ‘CITRIX’ platform.

If you have any questions for HMRC's subject experts ahead of these webinars for agents, please send them to prior to the meeting, including the title of the meeting in the ‘Subject’ line of your email.

Also, HMRC has updated its YouTube videos  and other live webinars on various topics are available from online support for self-employed businesses

ICB Self Assessment Qualification and learning materials

ICB Practice Licence holders offering self assessment services are qualified so to do by attainment of the Level III Diploma in Self Assessment Tax. If you are interested in completing the single-module assessment to gain this qualification, you can complete it in any week of the year and apply online or by telephone on 020 7856 2567.

Successfully completing the qualification satisfies your full annual CPD requirement (30 points). ICB produces a textbook to help you pass the qualification and complete SA returns. Please call us for more information or click the links below:

> View syllabus in Optional Qualifications

> Purchase textbook via the Shop

> Book assessment via MyICB