GoCardless is bringing Direct Debit into the digital age, complete with the ICB seal of approval

GoCardless is happy to announce that it has recently achieved official accreditation from the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), which will enable ICB Bookkeepers to offer their customers the ability to pay by Direct Debit

The GoCardless system uses the latest cutting-edge technology to bring the UK’s preferred payment method into the digital age, allowing bookkeepers and a range of other businesses to take recurring payments easily and smoothly. 

By using GoCardless, ICB members can benefit from low fees (just 1% per transaction capped at £2), transparent pricing and the freedom of having no commitments to any minimum term contract. What’s more, getting set up to use GoCardless can be done in minutes, while the ease of use frees up bookkeepers to focus on what they do best, instead of wasting valuable time taking care of complex admin. 

GoCardless has already helped numerous bookkeepers achieve some excellent results, skyrocketing the efficiency of their businesses while helping them to avoid tedious admin hassles. For example, ICB Practice APB Associates uses GoCardless to automate payments and avoid wasting time chasing up late paying customers.  As a small business, the company relies heavily on keeping its cash flow healthy. GoCardless enables APB Associates to do exactly that.

“Effortless payment collection, stable cashflow and no difficult conversations with clients over late accounts – moving our payment systems to GoCardless has been one of the best, and by far the simplest, changes we’ve made.” Jane Aylwin MICB, APB Associates. 

For many bookkeepers, another huge benefit is having the ability to seamlessly integrate GoCardless with their existing accounting software, enabling them to blend the process of getting paid into their entire workflow, reaching maximum efficiency as a result. It also allows for automatic reconciliation of invoices, saving companies even more time and labour. 

Here at GoCardless, we’re excited about providing top quality payment services to the bookkeeping profession. Being accredited by ICB only strengthens our ongoing commitment to this aim - and we look forward to helping many more ICB members take their practices into the digital age. 

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