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Level 3 and Level 4 QUALIFICATION-What does it amounts to any other known QUALS like Cima,Acca etc

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To the attention of James,

I would like to know what Level 3 and Level 4 amounts to other "popular and known" qualification like ACCA, CIMA, CIFA,AAT,CAT ?

Even though the issue i am facing has already been addressed, i am still being asked the question.

Kind Regards,


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Hi N K Books,

As far aas I know these are lower qualifications than those. I am at Open University and in November I am studying the Professional Certificate in accounting for 1 year, and that certificate has exemptions on 5 papers of the CIMA. Also it is equal to B190 introduction to Bookkeeping and Accounting from the open university, of which I have done this course. Hope this helps 

Kind Regards

Paula Welsh 

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Hello Nathalie

I asked a similar question to James regarding exemptions on level 4 due to me being CIMA qualified.

He said that hasn't been worked out yet but it should be in the next few months.  So I guess once that has been decided, the level or equivalent can be worked out versus other qualifications.

Hope that helps answer your question

Kind regards


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Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Sandra and Paula for replying...

Your response help. It would be more helpful if i had a response from ICB.
i presume i have to wait for few months.

Best of Luck to everyone,

kind Regards,


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I am sure that James will reply to you once the offices re-open - you did post your question on Good Friday - maybe he has a life (unlike me!) and is off enjoying himself for the Easter weekend!


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I did ICB levels 1 and 2 and then began ACCA, so long as your over 25 you can join as a mature student and bypass AAT, CAT etc.  ICB qualifications don't qualify for exemptions in any accountancy qualifications.  ICB is a good foundation and gives you the basics before starting an accounting qualifications.

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