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OCR exemptions?

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I have tried emailing ICB but haven't had a reply yet so thought I might ask here after reading an earlier thread saying that they don't recognise Pitmans

I have completed Level one OCR extended award which is manual and sage and I have nearly finished Level two manual and then go on to do level two sage.

Will either of these awards allow me any exemptions or am I going to have to start from scratch? 

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Even being an image programmer, im still not so familiar with OCR reader tuchinique. I just bought the licnese from oters, Im testing a OCR scanner of a image-leading provider recently, if you are interested, you can try the free trial version pakage.

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It sounds great to complete Level one OCR extended award, but as for if you these awards allow me any exemptions, Im not sure. And I need an OCR scanner to be combined with my image reading & editing add-on to decode the texts and other data set out from my about hundred JPEG images.

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Whitehead / foximage 

I think you have misunderstood temeraire's qualification. His OCR is the Oxford, Cambridge & RSA exams. The OCR you refer to is  a computer software, is an Opitical Character Reader. 



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