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How Did you land your first Bookkeeping job?

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Hi All,

Following My own rollercoater ride through Study, & job hunting to find my dream job of becoming a bookkeeper, I would very much like to hear other peoples Study stories, Struggles, job hunting stories, & how  you landed your first job, was it pure luck? was you in the right place at te right time? did someone put in a good word for you?

Please share.... I'm all ears......


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Hi Donna

Starting up your own practice can be quite daunting especially if you have always been employed and so had regular income.

It took me about 6 months to go from AICB to MICB and then my husband had to push me to take the plunge into self employment!

I started up my practice last June and i was probably very lucky as my first client came from a phone call out of the blue the beginning of July, as they had seen me on Linkedin. 

Since then I have done alot of advertising and i also spent a lot of time on my website at the beginning. I also invested in Google Adwords which can be pretty expensive if you get a lot of clicks but it is certainly worth it to get your website on page 1/2 of Google.

A year down the line I now have 12 clients.

3 of those clients came from referrals from accountants as I made sure i contacted my local accountants and asked to be part of a referral scheme.

It is a rollercoaster ride but one that you will enjoy completely! I would never go back to being employed as I love being self employed now.

Good luck, it is hard work to get off the ground but worth it in the end Laughing


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