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Balance Sheet in Sage 50 Accounts

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Has anyone ever had an issue in Sage 50 Accounts whereby a brought forward balance sheet comes out incorrectly.

The issue that i have is that if i run a brought forward balance sheet after running the year end and doing any appropriation adjustments (corporation tax, dividends, transfers etc) on the final day of the current FY, then the figures come out as the pre approprition amounts.

The only way thet i can get the brought forward figures to come out correctly is to run the year end and then do any appropriation adjustments dated the first day of the following FY. I then run a Month 1 to Month 12 balance sheet and the brought forard figures are there!

I have tried reunning the year end, moving back the FY, entering the appropriation adustments, moving foward the FY, then running the report but it still comes out the same,

I have tried repairing and reinstalling Sage but nothing seems to work.

Any advice as to how to address the issue would be most appreciated.

I am due to take the ABA8 exan later this week and would like to get the issue sorted out, if at all possible, so that i do not lose marks just because my Sage gives me the wrong report!

Kind Regards


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