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Paying self-employed tax through a PAYE tax code

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I have a client who would like to pay his self employed tax for 2017/18 through his PAYE tax code for 2018/19.

I am after some advice please.

I have never had a client request to do this before and I do not want to give him false information.

I know that he is unable to pay the Class 2 national insurance this way so he will have to pay this directly by 31st January 2019.

In his employed income this year his salary for the year to 5-4-18 was £9480 which is around the same as previous years.

The tax due from self employemnt for 2017/18 is £1050

HMRC says that if you end up paying more than twice as much tax as you normaly do you will not be able to use this service. My client does not pay any tax on his employed income because it is below the personal allowance figure. Will they take the self employed tax due? As it is more than twice as much as he would normaly pay, this being zero.

Also with regard to a payment on account of £525 that is due on the 31st January 2019 would this be paid through the PAYE tax code aswell or would this have to be paid directly along with the class 2 national insurance.  

Any advice would be greatfuly received.

Thank you




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I have spoken to HMRC today and they have advised me that it is not possible to collect the tax through a PAYE code as my client does not normally pay any tax as it is under the Personal allowance.


thank you to all who read my post


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