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Becoming a Self-Employed bookkeeper once qualified

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I am currently completeing my ICB Level 2, 3 and 4 Qualification in Bookkeeeping and Accounting. As I come from a family full of self-employed people and friends also, I am quite positive about gaining clients quite quickly (do have a well paid part time job so don't worry, not being too ambitious!), I wanted to ask if anyone has gone straight in to Bookkeeping self-employed by themselves after they've qualified and not worked in an Accounting business before for experience?

I understand the steps I need to take in becoming self-employed and the expenses and am prepared just didn't know if there was a strong opinion of NOT plunging straight in to this. 

The only thing is I don't want to commit to an Accounting and Bookkeeping business full time and then regret it? As I've always planned to do this by myself, I'm more of an independent worker and just plainly have the drive to be my own boss and do this myself.

PLEASE tell me if I'm in over my head, would appreciate anyone getting back to me.


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Yes I went straight into self employment after completing level 3, I started level 4 but didn't enjoy it as much so I've parked it for a while and doing my payroll diploma now. I'll get round to finishing my level 4 in 2019 I'm sure. During my studying I offered to work for free for a local charity on their accounts which has given me invaluable experience along with shadowing another bookkeeper within business. If you have the opportunity I would recommend doing something similar. Since being self employed I've found it easy to get going and gain clients. I have been in banking for 10 years so dealing with customers, looking at their banking and discussing finance comes naturally to me. So bookkeeping has been applying my skills in another way as opposed to a brand new career. I'd also recommend going to your local branch meetings, every month I've attended I've taken so much learning from other more experienced bookkeepers also! If you have any questions feel free to get in touch. 


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