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QBO Subscriptions

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just trying to gauge some opinions really for this one.


i have taken out the 10 for 10 deal with QBO, however I am using Xero for my own accounts and I was wondering how to post the invoice and I was hooding somebody could point me the right direction? 

I think I may have got myself confused with all the discounts named.

Thnaks, Tony 

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Hi Tony,

Congrats again on obtaining your practice licence!! Laughing

I too have purchased the subscriptions and have created a nominal code for software and subscriptions and just post the full invoice amount there.

Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,


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Thanks Jaye, 

That was my thinking,

At the moment I have put it under costs of sales, although I am going to have to add an account code just for this one I think and any other which may need to use. I really neet to set up my own chart of accounts Wink 


Thanks again 

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Hi Tony


I post under COS as I sell it onto my clients. Software and subscriptions I use for my practices software that I use but dont sell on as this is an expense to the business.





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