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Open Study College

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Anybody used this training company?

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Yes, I studied with them.

Caroline the tutor was great. As I was completing my Level IV I was told that she had left and there was therefore no phone support. 

The email support tutors take days to respond so left to another college for SAT

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Kitten58 said:

“Anybody used this training company?”

 Yes, currently studying with them but frankly not impressed...I pretty much feel like support is minimal! Tutors take days to respond and when they do, usually make me feel like a complete idiot. 

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The study materials lack detail required and the tutor marked assignments are awful with headings missing... very unprofessional. Not doing exams and will repeat the course with my level 2 company.

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I signed up with them but have not been impressed at all. I am still studying and have ended up buying the Kaplan books and find them better than the course material I have been provided by Open Study College

Wish I had gone with another provider or self studied.

Kitten58 said:

“Anybody used this training company?”


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I have now returned to my level 2 trainer. Finally lost patience with the dismal study materials and tutor assignments. Unfortunately I'm still paying for the course. They should be removed from the ICB list of acredited providers. 

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ICB are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with OSC whilst studying for your ICB qualifications.  ICB take all feedback seriously and confirm that these reported issues are being investigated and we are working with OSC regarding this matter.


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I've been studying book keeping with UK Open College & due to my poor health this has dragged on for 0ver 3 years.

I really can't thank them enough or give them all the praise they deseve for all the help & support that they have given to me.

Both tutors (Stephanie & Nick) have been first class & always given me spot on advice & returned all my emails very promptly.

Special mention should also be made of Bill in student support who has always been at the end of the phone & bent over backwards to help.

Therefore I have no hesitation in recommending them & will hopefully be using them again to progress my studles.


Adam Fleet

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I originally enrolled with Open Study College three years ago but soon after my mother became ill and I had to care for her. I returned to study in February with a new tutor and new study materials. My tutor is very good and returns emails promptly. I really appreciate her help and advice. The study materials, however, are poor. They are difficult to navigate as there is no list of contents or index. I spend a lot of time making these myself so I can find things easily.

Luckily, a friend gave me her Kaplan books which are much better and I would recommend those. I have done all the exercises in the Kaplan book and study kit and these have helped immeasurably.



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