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Trial Balance query

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One of the questions in an M5 mock had a trial balance with a debit and credit entry for closing stock, same amount, and two entries for provision for bad debt, one a credit and one a debit but not the same amount? I've never seen this before - can anyone explain for me?

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Hi Kitten58, I would hope that you have had assistance in solving your query by now but just in case you haven't, I will try and explain.

It sounds like your yearend adjustments have been completed already but instead of seeing the P&L and Balance sheet, you are seeing a list of balances, therefore:


The debit value is the Balance Sheet item (current asset) and the credit value is the Trading P&L item (closing stock)

Bad debt provision:

The debit value is this years expense for the P&L whereas the credit value is the accumulated provision for the Balance Sheet (reduction in debtors)


I hope this helps.


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