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CPD Points

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Good morning 


Could somebody possibly give me some examples of CPD points, how they are earnt and what one point is equivalent to. My membership is up for renewal in September and I need to update my CPD points section. 

Currently it is showing as zero however I attended the last 2 day conference, have nearly finished my self assessment course and am about to sit my payroll exam. 

What do you use for the unstructured? 


Many thanks


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Hi Natasha

Currently you need to achieve 30 CPD points in the year of your membership. 15 structured and 15 unstructured. 

You earn 1 CPD point for 1 hour of structured CPD and 1/2 point for 1 hour of unstructured CPD. Structured points are earned for things like attending Branch meetings, external training, open learning courses and achieving ICB qualifications as well as for attending the Summit and Inspire Tour.


Unstructured points are earned for reading articles, developing or editing a website, preparing presentations or taking on a new project in employment.


Basically, if you can upload proof of acheivement (for example receiving an email thanking you for attending something like a HMRC Talking Points webinar) then you have taken part in structured CPD.

During this year points for attending Branch meetings are automatically added to your CPD portal.


Further details and full information can be found under the Membership/Development tab on the ICB website.

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I agree with Caryls reply and I have found it relatively easy to achieve my 30 points, however I am unsure on it webinars are treated as structured or unstructured points, can anyone clarify this?

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Hello there,

Most webinars would be considered unstructured CPD. If you are doing an actual training session/lesson or technical update webinar with a test at the end, that would be considered structured.

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