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New Self Study Books

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Has anyone used the new self-study books? Just wanted to see what they were like before I bought them




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Hi Paul,


I have not used them I'm afriad but I wondered if you were coming to summit as I am sure ICB will already have/ or could bring some for people to look at/buy


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Hi Paul,

I have used the ICB Books, i have passed M5, M6, M7, and have my M8 Exam booked for tomorrow. 

I also bought the book for A2, just to revise for the M8 exam as it covers every thing.

I found the new ICB study books exceelent, they cover the complete syllabus and also have tasks and assignments for you to complete. 

If you are self studying like myself, you will find the new ICB Books excellent. 

All the best for your studies.


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