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Is a VPN necessary in the UK?

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Sorry if this is a very common question, I did search but didn't find much of a definitive answer. I've been out of the country for the last 7 years and things seem to have changed a bit in that time. I mostly use non torrent based addons like Elysium, Covenant, Bob etc, do I need to use a UK VPN for this? My current ISP is EE if that makes any difference. This is not my connection/home so that is why I am concerned, I don't want any letters to be sent to the owners.

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Hi Linda,

It really depends on what you are going to use it for. If you only use your internet for reading news then probably not worth the extra expense. If you're streaming video online I don't see why EE would send any letters, I was on EE for a year and had no issues. There really isn't a definitive answer, but If you're really concerned about safety/privacy online then VPN would be a good choice. VPN comparison

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All depends upon you rading habbits, if you like to read from hard copies then there is no such need. But if you are like many new users who like to kindle or read online as many of the latest books are freely avialable i personally prefer online method. And its not just protection there are many advantages i have one family account i mostly use it for my stuff while my daughter used it to get american netflix here in UK and most importantly no one can spoof on our online activity that easily with the protection connected.

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