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Trading as sole trader bookkeeper working home office

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Hi guys,

Just starting out and need some help, please?

I will be offering bookkeeping services to corporate clients, but am need some guidance for my own self assesment. 

Bascially, i am/  will be completing self assesments to declare my income etc and currently spending my own cash to create the perfect home based office with furniture, laptops etc.

Does anyone have a exhaustive list of tax deductable items i can include? and best way to appotion eletric costs etc. 

Thank you 

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As you know from doing your exams, anything you spend personally for your business (like the desk, chair, laptop, printer, stationery etc) is debited to the relevant asset or expenses account & credited to your drawings account.

Have a look at

I also strongly recommend you go to your local branch meetings. They are a valuable source of information. Remember everyone there has been through what you're going through & are happy to help!

Kind regards


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