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ICB supervision and FCA regulation - clarification please

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Good morning,

Am I correct in thinking that ICB bookkeepers in practice are "supervised" by ICB on behalf of HMRC and FCA but this is different to being "regulated" by the FCA ?

Our use of Google Ads is being stopped until we can verify that we are regulated by FCA (or only work through another firm that is regulated by the FCA, e.g. Accountants) and I do not find our Practice listed on the FCA's public register.

I would be interested to hear opinions from both ICB and other members in practice.



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Hi Alistair


The ICB supervision, I understand, refers to Anti-Money Laundering.


I saw something early this week about Google needing verification re adverts for financial services, but I could't find if as bookkeepers we needed to get verified. It sounds as if we might need to verified to place adds.


Maybe try ringing the ICB for clarification?



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