ICB in Partnership with Aviva and LEBC Have Created ICB Pension Solutions so that All Small Businesses can auto-enrol in a safe and affordable way

For some time, ICB has been aware that ICB members are extremely worried about many aspects of auto-enrolment. Whether it’s the red tape that’s been wrapped around the eligibility criteria, the complexity of assessment or communications to employees or indeed the selection of a qualifying workplace pension scheme, every aspect seems to be incredibly complicated and full of potential pitfalls. This complextiy affects not just ICB members but the wider business community as a whole.

It quickly became apparent that if any one solution were to be suitable, it had to be online and be able to cope with the sheer volume of companies that are staging over the next three years. The provision of a suitable pension scheme has long been a major issue as over the years the pensions market seems to have been shrinking at a rate of knots and, with it, any appetite from the usual providers. The variety of new master trusts has only added to the confusion, with some seemingly expecting the employee to bear all the costs of auto-enrolment.

Equally, ICB has been searching for a solution that is backed by an Independent Financial  Adviser  who is prepared to add FCA regulated advice to the solution. This ensures that the regulatory risk is kept away from both the small business owner and the bookkeeper or accountant that is administering the auto-enrolment process.

ICB is a member of The Pensions Regulator’s automatic enrolment working group, which meets regularly and which has been considering how bookkeepers can support their clients to comply with their automatic enrolment duties, including their role in selecting a pension scheme. As a result, we have established ICB Pension Solutions in partnership with Aviva and LEBC group.

ICB Pension Solutions is designed with not just ICB members in mind, but the entire SME sector. Even if you are not a member of ICB you can use ICB Pension Solutions to satisfy your auto-enrolment requirments for an extraordinary. 

£349 + VAT


 Why use ICB Pension Solutions?

  • Affordable - Priced to Fit the SME Market
  • Accessible - No Pre-Qualification Required for a High Quality Aviva Pension
  • Advised - FCA Regulated Financial Advice Limits Liability


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