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Exemption query

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I have the level 1 and level 2 computerised bookkeeping certificates, and the next thing to usually do is take the level 2 in manual bookkeeping but was wondering what would exempt me from having to take this course and move on to the level 3?

I have distinctions in all 3 modules from Pitman/DBC training as well as a pass in their Sage Line 50 course and feel it would be an expensive waste of time taking the ICB level 2 in manual bookkeeping as the differences within the two syllabuses are slight, and I'm keen to move on. Would I have to take an IAB exam, and if not how do I go about providing evidence of my qualifications?

Thanks guys. 

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Although probably a moot point for me as I've just bought the career path from a provider, I'll still be watching this one myself because I too have distictions in Basic Bookkeeping, Final Accounts and Sage Line 50, also from Pitman. Tongue Out

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I just did the exam, I called the ICB and said I didn't have enough to be exempt from the exam but I didn't have to take a course, which was fair enough I just didn't want to spend a lot of training redoing what I thought I'd already done.

What I will say about this particular case is you can pass by using the materials from the three Pitman modules but the ICB's format for the profit and loss, and balance sheets are a bit different among other things; so if you're wanting a distinction it's probably best to take a specific ICB course if you can afford it.

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