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Why is the Regional section locked?

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I was trying to look for information on going to a regional meeting to get some advice from members. However when I tried to access the Regiona; section of the forum I keep getting told it is locked and I am not able to access it.

My question is if it contains details on meeting and such why is it not acessable to everyone. Posting to it can be restricted to members but surely there is nothing there that non-members are not allowed to read.

if there is some reason why it is inaccessable, where can I get details of regional meetings I can attend.



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Thank you James I will have a look at the suggested section.


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Hi Mike,


Thought I would add that access that regional meetings are restircted to those who hold Student Membership of ICB, at the very minimum. Unless you are a member you cannot attend meetings or access meeting feedback, etc, via the regional sections of the forum.


Kind regards

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