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ICB Level 3 Diploma in Payroll Management : Some clarification, please

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I'm considering doing the ICB Level 3 Diploma in Payroll Management, and have seen the information at


I've a number of points I'd appreciate some clarification on, though. Any help gratefully received. Thank you.

Am I correct in thinking that there's no set study text to follow, ICB or otherwise, and that you prepare for the exam by familiarisation with guides / tables downloadable from the HMRC website, and by trying mock paper(s) ?

If there are no coursework assignments to complete and submit, I wouldn't need a training provider ?

And the exam is a home-based, online, non-timed assessment with a two-week deadline for submission ? Once submitted, the results can take up to a month to come through ?

On passing the course, I can have 'PMDip' after my name ?

Thank you in advance for any guidance you can give.

Best wishes







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Hi Alan

I had some experience with payroll but had not done payroll for some years and took a course with Training Link and passed on my second attempt as this course teaches you everything on sage about payroll and how to set up departments. maternity leave, sick pay as well as weekly, monthly payroll for staff or directors.  The payroll level 3 is not just about payroll its about setting and using a computerised system correctly and running off reports.


You may be able to do it the way you suggested but I would purchase a practise exam paper and see if you are abke to complete the exam without a course.

Good Luck



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Hi Alan,

You are in correct in thinking no one offers the training for this, I am at present studying for this exam on a home study basis with Ideal Schools. You will find their courses are very informative and that the staff both tutors and admin are extremely helpful, try their website or give them a call there are links to them from this site under distant learning providers. I have been studying with them for a while and feel the support is second to none. Hope this helpful.



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Hi Dean, 


I noticed you mentioned you were studing with Ideal Schools, Can I ask did you pass you exam as I am studing with them and have had problems (wrong information or incomplete information in course books) I failed my moc and have now failed my exam and am very disheartened. 


Kind Regards

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