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Level 2 B1 Mock Exam Papers

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I would be ever so grateful if anyone has any B1 mock exam papers that they could pass on to me. I'm feeling a bit deflated at the moment as I failed the last mock with a result of 89% but still enjoying the course.


My email address is

Thank you



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I would also be grateful if anyone could send me a B1 mock exam paper.


My email address is


Thank you for your time and effort in advance.



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I too would appreciate any mock exam papers for L2B1.

Email to


Many thanks



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I thought the pass was 85% so dont feel deflated

I did B1 a couple of weeks ago recommend the online timed paper it was well worth the money 

I was soooo nervous I really like learning but I hate exams and havent taken any for years but I was determined to give it a go 

I was pleased I stuck at it as I came out with 98% so dont give up.  Now I have to do B2........

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Hi there Smile


I am new here. I just passed Level 2 B1 paper, can someone share some B2 mock/practice papers that

can be shared? 


My email is





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Hi All, having asked for some Mock papers for Level 2 Manual Bookkeeping some of you were really kind and sent me some papers from 2009 and 2010.  They have really helped as they highlighted quite a few areas where I needed more practice.  However, they are the old syllabus and I wondered if anyone had any mock papers from the new syllabus, or is that a silly question as the new exams are online only?  

I will pay for the mock from the ICB shop but wondered if there were any more, the more practice the better!

thanks Kiss


email address -


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Hello all,


i am doing my training through training link, 

i have sat the training link mock but would anyone be kind enough to send me some more B1 mock exams.

my email is


thank you 

ebony holden

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woooohoooo!!!  just taken B1 exam and passed with distinction!  Smile

The old mock papers that are going around are great for highlighting areas of knowledge where you may need more practice, however I would thoroughly recommend that you pay the £10 to download the mock from ICB.  It is very similar to the real exam and will certainly help prepare you for the real thing.

Just got to get through B2 now before starting the computerised course.

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more good news - just passed B2 exam with distinction !  Again, downloading the mock from the ICB website really helped prepare me for the real thing.

I must thank Woodgrove Tutorials for their course materials. Woodgrove Tutorials is one of ICB's recommended Training Providers.

Just got to start the workbook for the Computerised Bookkeeping now. Laughing

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Congratulations Mrs C. Would you mind sending me some mock/practice papers with solutions for

B2? I just passed my B1 and now working for B2.


Appreciate it.



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Hi all - can I re-iterate my earlier posting this week to say that it is against our rules for online mock papers to be copied, printed out or circulated in any way.

The online mock papers are designed to give a realistic practice for the live paper and are timed accordingly. If you find that you do not do so well at the first mock paper then it is likely to be the timing that let you down rather than the knowledge requirement. Those who do not do so well in the first mock paper and go on to take a second mock paper usually see a huge improvement in their mark and once they take the live paper - home and dry!!

All training providers were given a sample paper that they could use in their training material and some have devised their own practice assessments to assist their students in preparation for the real thing. It may be that the marks required to pass certain of the practice papers issued by training providers are set at a higher level than ICB requires but this is to ensure that you are well prepared for the actual test.

The ICB mock papers have the same pass mark as the live papers - 85%. You will be given general feedback on the areas in which you had errors. It will also show you the actual questions with your answers - a green shading means you got the question correct, an orange shading means you had it partially correct and a red shading means it was wrong!

Once you move onto take the live paper you will not see your questions again, or the answers you gave, or the correct answers that we were expecting. You will however see the general feedback report at the end which informs you of the main areas of the paper in which you had errors and explains how you should have attempted the questions. This should be printed out as soon as you see the screen as currently you will not be able to return to this screen once you have closed the paper down.

Hope this helps.


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can some one please send me b1 mock papaers at

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Please read my comment earlier in this post. There are currently two B1 online mock papers available. The online mock papers will give you excellent practice in the way the questions are formulated and also the time it takes to do the papers. Mock papers for the 2014 syllabus should not be circulated in any way. If you are with a training provider please contact them or book directly online via the shop on our website.

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Hi Everyone,
I am Valeria. I would like to take an exam for B1 and I bought a B1 mock exam on ICB webshop.
I would like to do more practice.Could anybody send me more mock exam past papers for B1 please.
          Thank you so much!!

Many many thanks,

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Hi - please could you read my comments below your post. Current mock papers should not be circulated as they are timed and online and should only be done live via the authorised assessment route

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Hello All 


I would greatly appreciate if anybody could send me lEVEL 2 B1 AND B2 EXAM papers to practise on:


Would be greatly appreciated, i have done my revision but would like to see what sort of questions likely to come up





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Re-iterating earlier posts that current mock papers must  be taken online and cannot be circulated to another person as this violates our copywrite. Don't forget that once you have completed any mock paper you can log back in, look at all the questions, the correct answers and get a feedback report on each one to assist you in developing your knowledge and skills. It is a really excellent way to complete your revision. I hope this helps.

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oh right didnt realise itEmbarassed default oldest post and beforewheni took exams there were paper copies of past papers but thats when there exam structure was different. Right shall be looking at the mock available thanks




Mrs Ezam Zaman

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