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career opportunities if I take the course

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Can anyone one help? I am thinking about taking the ICB course for a change in direction with my career and I was wondering what jobs I could move into with the qualification and the sort of salary levels people obtain. I live in the east of England. 


Any help would be appreciated.



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I think a lot of people have the same idea. I have worked in financial admin for over 20 years with no specific qualifications , just sort of landed here.  I am now doing the course to enhance my qualifications as CPD and qualifications have become so important in the workplace now you almost need them just to hold on to the job you already do in some cases which I think is a bit sad.  Personally from reading the posts on here and from personal experience I think there are a lot of people out there wanting to be bookkeepers  thinking it is quite a good self employment option. However finding clients and deciding on charges seems to be quite a topic for discussion too if you take the self employment route. I think the qualifications are worth having if you have the time money and general interest. I am deficately enjoying it and I felt very happy when I got my certificate for level 2 showing 99% Smile great confidence boost so will carry on all the time funds permit and I am enjoying it.  I dont see it as a way to make my fortune but there are always admin jobs out there paying average wages and you have the option to be self employed if that appeals. I currently work part time employed doing general admin bookkeeping and payroll and any other jobs that pop up  for a small charity which suits me. I took over from a "Qualified " bookkeeper 4 years ago our accountancy charges have reduced dramatically since then which I think shows that qualifications only go so far 

But good luck with whatever you decide

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HI there

I started the course as I wanted to change my career to something that would suit my family and that I could work in right up to retirement ( I used to work in hospitality). My original plan was to be a self employed bookkeeper but while doing the course I thought it best for me to get practical experience working with a company. I got an interview for a job advertised at 16 hours a week and got it. Took a massive pay drop (moved from doing about 30 hours over 2 days in the restaurant at £8.00 plus tips to 16 hours at £8.50 with no tips, I am in Glasgow) . Obviuosly that involved a difficult conversation with my husband and lots of sums to see if it would work and it was hard initially but I am now doing more hours and am working with a comany that has offices all over the world so I'm getting experience with foreign exchange, inter company transfers plus purchase and sales ledger. It also fits in really well with my family plus I have been moved on to salary and given a small pay rise.

You really just have to work out what you want to do and how its going to fit in with your life. Qualifications will go some way to getting you into an organisation if that the route you want to take but the course is totally different to real life finance ( I find ) but if you're willing to learn and have a good attitude that will take you further.

Good luck.


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