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Payroll, Moneysoft and Pensions

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Hi there!


I am currently working on the Payroll mock.  I have succesfully completed the online section and have now turned my attention to the computerised section.  Having completed all of the paper and being relatively happy with it - there is one issue I am hoping someone can help me with!

The question paper states that pensions are at a certain percentage of Gross pay EXCLUDING statutory payments?  I thought, firstly, that statutory payments such as Sick pay should be part of income for pension purposes??  But, not wanting to argue with the exam paper - can anyone tell me if there is a setting in Moneysoft that will allow this?  If I untick the box to not include it on the pay slip (ie include it as Gross income) it then has an impact on my student loan repayment which is incorrect....


Please help!

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