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I have spent the day looking at websites and looking at what I will be offering as a bookkeeper. From what I have read and also from attending several seminars recently, Monthly Packages seem to be the way forward. So I have done £65, £85 and £110 p/m or different levels. Does this seem the correct rates?

I don’t supply payroll, and for specific jobs I have priced them as a standalone service.

Are packages the way to go as a newbie, and adjust accordingly price structures as my business grows? I have listed my packages as ‘from’ to allow a slight change if the client has a larger business.

Also, I will largely be using QuickBooks, which the client can also work on himself. If they do the invoicing and some of the purchase side, how do I account for that in my pricing? This is where it becomes difficult for fixed menu pricing doesn’t it?

Thanks for your help guys!


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