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I need a push!

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Hello all

Looking for some advice on finally taking the plunge. Worked in bookkeeping for many years for accountancy firms and now have my practice licence. I have two clients (one small that I do payroll for and one medium I do VAT returns for). At the moment I am on maternity leave but now think that I just want to go for it and hope it all works out...................... but I am too scared!!

Also just to say that while I am employed with my current employer I am not alowed to advertise my services. Both of my current clients were through a friend of a friend.

I have recently just started a diploma in SAT to help attract more clients when the time comes.

Does anyone have any advice or been in a smiliar situation?

Thanks in advance Embarassed

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Hi There

I think it is really dependant on your financial situation, as you have a young family, and it is nice to have that regular income and it can be a slow process building up your clients.

I, like yourself, was working for an Accountancy practise for many years and I know that this provides you with amazing experience of all types of businesses and Bookkeeping. I have seen on this forum newly qualified people who are taking the plunge to go self-employed with out any real experience, so I think you are in a great position from that point of view.

My family is grown up and I was in a position to have some savings behind me in case my earnings were not sufficient.

I went self employed 18 months ago and have been really pleased as I am now working less hours for more money and have a greater flexibilty.

I have obtained some of my client from job sites on the internet where small companies are looking for 1 day a week and I have 3 of those which I go to each week. (This guarentees a level of 3 days income every week which will sustain me and any other small jobs can be slotted in as and when and are a bonus). I have 4 monthly payrolls and 2 other monthly bookkeeping jobs and now I am just looking for another small client to be complete.

Smaller one man bands who only want self assesment once a year will not make enough money for you to replace a salary unless you get hundreds.

I have contacted Accountants but they are not that forthcoming as most offer bookkeeping services themselves and they do not want to pay the hourly rate that I charge.

So I would say that if your financial situation will stand it then you should have confidence in yourself and go for it (especially as you already have a couple of clients!)

Good Luck!!



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Hello there, Naomi here. 


I'm just starting in practice. My business will be launched on 1st August and I'm looking for fellow bookkeepers in practice or those thinking of going into practice to link up with. It can be a little daunting at first and I think being linked with others in a similar situation would really help. 

Good luck with whatever you decide to do. 

Best wishes, Naomi. 


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Thanks Gail/Naomi

I have decided to go for it. Whats the worst that could happen ............................ Laughing

Hope to speak to both again.


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