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Quickbooks Online Courses

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Has anybody completed a Quickbooks Online course that they can recommend. I completed an online certification and advanced certification courses at work but they went throughthe material at 1000 miles an hour and the notes weren't up to much. So I was wondering if anyone had completed one that they found useful.

I completed a Sage course as part of my ICB qualification which was really good as it took you through each stage step by step which is required for Quickbboks.

Any help much appreciated.







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I actually went and did the basic QBO course in Nov last year & then did the advanced course in Dec. Each course took a full day, were arranged by Quickbooks and were free. There was an exam at the end of each day's course and yes, they went at 1000 miles an hour too! There is an awful lot they want to stuff into each course so you have to go with your brain switched on! Or be fired up on coffee!

I would recommend these courses as you are with like minded people so you can help each other when the tutor is storming ahead!



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