Coconut are a bronze sponsor for the 2019 Bookkeepers Summit

75% of the UK’s 6m SMEs are self-employed, single-person businesses (sole traders and one-person limited companies). Coconut is designed to streamline the way bookkeepers work with them.

Built by accountants, Coconut eliminates the manual work that takes you away from supporting your client with their business. We bring together banking, bookkeeping, invoicing and receipt capture into one neat package.


Working with your smallest clients

Small clients can be challenging, with complex tools and manual processes making margins tight. With Coconut:

  • Get your client setup with a business current account, accounting software and receipt storage in minutes
  • Connect up to 20 different current accounts and credit cards to Coconut, so you can manage all your clients bookkeeping in one place, no matter who they bank with
  • Save time chasing information down - through our dedicated Accountant Portal you can view and edit all of their accounting information in real-time
  • Automate your bookkeeping processes - transactions are automatically coded as they happen, no bank reconciliations needed
  • Reduce your spend on software - starting from £0/month for your client, and completely free for you to use.

“The Coconut Accountant Portal is perfect because we can just take a look at our client’s transactions and make changes to the categories or VAT rates as and when. It makes it much more efficient for us. We really enjoy working with small businesses and startups - it’s great to work with people who are ambitious and watch them grow. But it’s been tricky to make it work for us in the past. We were introduced to Coconut through one of our clients a few months back and it’s really changed how we work with them.”

Suzy Kerton, Zyla Accountants.


The Coconut Accountant Portal

When your clients start using Coconut, you get access to their transaction data through the Accountant Portal which lets you:

  • View their transactions, receipts and notes, in real-time
  • Search and filter their records
  • Edit transaction categories
  • View and edit VAT rates
  • Easily export and import the transaction information into any accounts prep and tax return software

 And there’s much more on the way. You can see what else is on the roadmap here.


Benefits for ICB members

There’s no cost to bookkeepers using Coconut. As a special benefit for ICB members, you can offer your clients 6 months free on any of our Coconut plans. Just contact the support team at Coconut once you’ve signed up and they’ll make sure this gets applied to any clients that you refer.


Bookkeeping for the smart bank era

Since launching in January 2018, Coconut now has 15,000 customers and 500 accountants and bookkeepers using the platform to manage their business finances from start to finish.


Learn more

To learn more, including accessing the Coconut Accountant Portal and to book a demo, visit www.getcoconut.com/bookkeepers

You can meet Coconut at the Bookkeepers Summit by booking your tickets here. Tickets are on sale until Friday 15th November.