The group formed the Society for Promoting the Employment of Women

The Langham Place group (active 1857-66) was a circle of friends who produced a periodical called the English Woman’s Journal, of which a major theme was female employment. They formed the Society for Promoting the Employment of Women in 1859 and held classes in maths and bookkeeping.

The periodical was largely funded by Helena, Comtesse de Noailles. De Noailles campaigned on several issues from the mid-1850s to mid-1860s. Other members of the Langham Place group included Helen Blackburn, Jessie Boucherett and Emily Faithfull. Blackburn left a will establishing a loan fund for training young women, Boucherett founded the Woman’s Suffrage Journal in 1870 and Faithfull published a novel in 1868, titled Change Upon Change. She is pictured below. Jessie Boucherett is pictured on the article excerpt photograph.


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