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Don’t burn hours on reconciliations and recoding

Automation and AI can scare bookkeepers away from changing the way they work. Adopting technology can sound like a lot of effort or a big change. In the long run, it’s not. You’ll see a lot of processes that you’re used to spending time on, sped up, so you can cover more clients and come up for air.

Automated bank reconciliation is a breeze

Reconciling accounts is an essential part of bookkeeping, but one that can take up a lot of valuable time that you could spend on other tasks or clients. With direct bank feeds through Xero, the work is done for you. Every transaction is automated and you can run reports when needed.

More new banking feeds are on their way to comply with PSD2 requirements so there will be more opportunity to automate the process.

Change transaction details in no time  

Xero's find and recode functionality uses machine learning to match your banking payments to account payments – allowing up to 2000 line items to be updated at once. Accounts, tax rates, tracking and contacts can be easily updated on both paid and unpaid transactions. Where you may have spent hours previously, it takes seconds to get things right. Xero does the work for you!

These are just a few of the great features Xero offers.

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