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The life of an entrepreneur can quite often look like a Cirque-de-Soleil professional juggler act!  Don’t you think?  As an independent coach I too wear multiple hats; Coach, Director, Mentor, Mum, Wife. These roles regularly pull me in opposing directions.

Refining considerations, running a business alone requires us to have skills and qualifications in a chosen field – that’s your superpower. For you, it’s bookkeeping/accounting/business guidance. As well, the modern entrepreneur needs to be competent in marketing, social media, finances, business planning, sales and admin. And manage all other roles. Life as an entrepreneur can be stressful!

It doesn’t matter where the stressor originates (and you’ll be surprised where they can lurk), the effects are the same on our body. When our fight or flight response is triggered regularly, it becomes our “state of being”.

Enter, overwhelm and exhaustion.

Following are 5 top tips to Overhauling Entrepreneurial Overwhelm and creating Clarity, Confidence and Control! These will help you feel calmer and be back in your creative space rather than the panic place!


1. Press Pause

Simply accepting feelings of shaky panic and an over-processing brain is counter-productive. Nothing good comes of “pushing through” a period of overwhelm.

The first thing to do when panic takes control is STOP! Press pause, be still and b.r.e.a.t.h.e.

A much under-estimated calming control mechanism is our breath. Simply observing it for just a minute quells our fight/flight response.

Better yet, nose breathing, inhale for 4, hold for 5, exhale slowly for 6 counts will literally dampen the stress in your body by calming the effects of the blast of adrenalin to rebalance the stress response.  Repeat this pattern 3 times and witness your body step away from panic and towards calm, clarity and control.


2. Reframe the current situation

Time for some honesty. Is this situation worth the stress it’s causing you? (and your body?) Is it going to matter in 6 months’ time? This could be a situation we habitually “react” to, when upon reflection, we can simply “observe” and let it be. Yes, some situations require our attention, action and even a little nervous energy, but being honest which of the list these are is empowering!

“Everyday stresses” might actually not be! But it’s only when we bring them into our consciousness that we can reframe our reaction to things that, when all is said and done, is not going to matter beyond today. Calmly assessing a situation will provide a little space around the problem for you to be creative with your solutions.

Ask: How Important Is This Really? Is it important or is it urgent? And deal with it appropriately.


3. Get it Done not Perfect

Perfection is a myth! Sadly with the modern age of comparison, the conditioning is generally to “be/do/have the best”. We all put so much pressure on ourselves, the stress of which is commonly known as “performance anxiety”. It’s endemic and stems from “I am not Enough”.

I’m here to tell you that you are absolutely and completely enough and will always be!

The simple art of “getting things done” rather than “getting things perfect” can be life-changing.

Define “perfection”. Is it real? Is it attainable?

Wonder quietly today how it would feel to let go of the need to be perfect and aim for getting things done. Allow this to be your driver for a day. Without the “perfection stress” it’s very likely the results of your focus and efforts will in fact be right anyway!   

Comparison is a confidence killer! Be You. Do You! And aim for “done” today!


4. Reach Out

“I’m fine thanks”!

Do you say that when you really don’t mean it?

We’re conditioned to think if we ask for help it’s a sign of weakness.

We see “people coping” and think we too must appear to have our “stuff” together!

But. Even the TOP professionals in every sport played and most esteemed business professional has a coach, mentor, ally, sounding board and/or someone with whom to share their concerns. “When we know better, we do better”.

Treat the need for help as an opportunity for growth.

Create your own team of people who fill the gaps you have in your world. Wherever they sit. “Outsource”. This can immediately bring a calm control to your world as well as lightening your burden, and your stress.

Today, don’t go it alone. It’s time to ask for help, fill the gaps, share your concern, talk it through with the aim of sorting the source of your stress.


5. Ditch Drama

Desiderata suggests to “avoid loud and aggressive people, for they are a vexation to the soul”.

When life is so full and so busy, there is not much room for drama in your world – and definitely not drama that doesn’t really belong to you.

So ditch it!

Don’t create it (reframe the drama in your world per #2) and don’t buy into it.

We all know someone who seems to be a drama-magnet. E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g seems to be big and dramatic and the more involved the better.  These people are draining to be with. Don’t you think?

Give yourself permission to recuse yourself from responsibility and buy-in.

Give yourself permission to focus on those things that are worthy of your time and energy.

Give yourself permission to surround yourself with people who energise you. And actively avoid energy vampires!


Consciously book and spend time with those people, who, when the time is done, you walk away feeling better for the interaction and life feels somehow lighter and brighter. Build-in regular time with these people to unplug and recharge at the same time! Building heart-felt connections is a simple stress-buster!

When life’s requirements of you are pressing down and you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed, it is the time to pause a moment and ponder what’s most worthy of your time, energy and focus. As Marie Forleo says “Everything is Figure-outable”. And it is. It starts with a mindful breath, a refocussed approach, honouring you, your own needs and boundaries and giving yourself permission to be you. Calm, Confident and In Control You.

Simone Gilbert is a Holistic Health and Confidence Coach, owner of Real Health and Vitality, Speaker, Motivator, Director of the UK Health Coaches Association, Wife and Mum. She works with busy and stressed Executives & Entrepreneurs who want to replace ill-health, confusion and overwhelm with calm, confidence and control to Live, Look and Feel Fabulous!

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