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Limited Company year end in Xero

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Hi folks

I have a potential client who is a neighbour of my mums, who has asked me to finalise his year end for him. However he runs a limited company and I can't do that as I haven't completed the qualification yet.

It looks pretty straightforward so I'd like someone who is good in Xero to take it on for me.

He would rather have the relationship with me so it will be on a subcon basis.

There are some other niggly bits that it probably makes sense to keep together such as changing the registered office address and removing a company secretary (he and his wife are splitting up!) but i have the forms signed so can just pass the whole job over to whoever would like it.

I am set up as his agent with HMRC - he sent the form off without telling me he's a limited company - but can liaise with whoever takes it on over actually submitting.

Please email if you're interested. Please also confirm that you're qualified to do ltd co y/end and submissions and have the ability to iXBRL tag etc.



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