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23/02/2024 - HMRC Update

Advisory Fuel Rates from 01 March

On 22 February 2024, HMRC advised the value of the following rates that apply from 01 March 2024

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22/02/2024 - HMRC Update

Form 64-8 guidance

HMRC have updated their guidance accompanying form 64-8.

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22/02/2024 - HMRC Update

HMRC Consolidated Information

On 05 February 2024, HMRC produced a collection of data entitled ‘Tax agents and advisers: detailed information’.

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21/02/2024 - HMRC Update

Form P87 and MATCF Changes

HMRC have announced changes to the two forms

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15/02/2024 - Events

International Women’s Day with ICB

Inspiring speakers, interesting characters and wise bookkeepers – spend International Women’s Day with ICB

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14/02/2024 - HMRC Update

Pension Scheme Newsletter

HMRC’s Pension Scheme newsletter is published at the end of each month

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14/02/2024 - Pensions

The Pensions Regulator webinar

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) are holding a free webinar on 06 March 2024

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08/02/2024 - Payroll

Student Loan Thresholds 2024/25

The Department for Education announced the Plan 3 / ex-Postgraduate Student Loan threshold for tax year 2024/25.

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08/02/2024 - Payroll

Auto-Enrolment Threshold Frozen

Auto-Enrolment Threshold frozen for 2024/25

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07/02/2024 - AC's Blog

Reflections on a year

This month marks a year since Ami Copeland became ICB CEO. In this latest blog, Ami reflects on things learnt along the way, and shares a killer family dinner recipe.

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