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17/05/2022 - Payroll

HMRC Closes End-of-Year Expenses

As we approach P11D completion time, bookkeepers will be familiar with the reporting tools that have been used previously

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17/05/2022 - Business

Exeter Inspire Tour 2022

South West business chief, David Ralph has highlighted his priorities for growing the economy of South West England in a speech to the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) annual regional conference in Exeter.

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09/05/2022 - General

The best for you and your clients

I’ve been in my job at ICB for five weeks now. As with any new role, I’ve been taking stock, auditing ICB’s communications channels and getting out and meeting the movers and shakers in our membership...

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03/05/2022 - Events

The 2022 Inspire Tour begins

And we're off! The online event space is now open to ticket holders and you can download your mobile app for socialising, messaging, sharing photos, and for checking-in to an in-person event...

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30/04/2022 - Membership Matters

A note from our founder June Carter

We are making changes to some of our fees...

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29/04/2022 - Events

Earlybird tickets running out

Here is the schedule for the hybrid Inspire Tour - the social CPD event for inspired bookkeepers. Fewer than 200 earlybird tickets remain so save money and get yours while you still can...

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29/04/2022 - Software & Technology

New Accredited Software: Armalytix

We are delighted to announce that Armalytix has received ICB Accreditation...

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29/04/2022 - Software & Technology

New Accredited Software:ApprovalMax

We are delighted to announce that ApprovalMax has received ICB Accreditation...

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28/04/2022 - Payroll

Links to Auto-Enrolment Guidance

Wages Wednesday on 13 April 2022 saw another request of Auto-Enrolment links.

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28/04/2022 - AC's Blog

Bookkeepers like you deserve awards

You have to be in it to win it, but you don't have to win it to benefit. Why Ami Copeland thinks you should apply now for an Accounting Excellence Award and how ICB bookkeepers continue to inspire her...

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