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In these uncertain times we're working hard to ensure that we stay more connected than ever. ICB is collating the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and resources to give guidance to bookkeepers, their businesses and the business they work with...

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04/06/2020 - COVID-19

Flexible Furloughing is on its way

The rules around furloughing and the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme are changing...

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20/05/2020 - Wellbeing

Kindness Matters

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, writes Graham Hambly, and research shows that people who are kind and compassionate see clear benefits to their wellbeing and happiness

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19/05/2020 - HMRC Update

The new SSP scheme

The scheme, launching on the 26 May, will enable employers with fewer than 250 employees to claim coronavirus-related Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). Tax agents will be able to make claims on behalf of employers

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15/05/2020 - Wellbeing

5 self-care strategies for lockdown

Here's my guide to five simple things you can do to look after your self and stay strong, not just during lockdown and in times of uncertainty, but always...

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15/05/2020 - Tax

Reimbursing home office expenses

A temporary tax exemption and National Insurance disregard for employees working from home who need to purchase office equipment will be introduced by the government...

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15/05/2020 - Events

The Inspire Tour can still inspire

The Inspire Tour may have finished, but you can still attend!

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15/05/2020 - COVID-19

Surge in returning ICB students

Lonely lockdowns and some radical changes to ICB exams and apprenticeships have contributed to a surge in demand for ICB qualifications, is now the right time to get qualified as an ICB Bookkeeper and start a bookkeeping business?

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15/05/2020 - Business

Guidance for reopening offices

Download our free Risk Assessment template for businesses planning to reopen an office, together with details of the eight new safe-working guides the government issued on 11 May...

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15/05/2020 - Wellbeing

Celebrate National Walking Month

Did you know walking can prevent brain shrinkage? There's lots of reasons why you should celebrate National Walking Month this May...

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15/05/2020 - GC's Blog

Garry's lockdown term report

Garry Carter gives ICB Bookkeepers an A+ in this light-hearted look at how we're all performing during the lockdown...

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