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In these uncertain times we're working hard to ensure that we stay more connected than ever. ICB is collating the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and resources to give guidance to bookkeepers, their businesses and the business they work with...

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03/04/2020 - Business

ICB TV Episode 6

This article provides some answers to questions posed during episode 6 of ICB TV

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31/03/2020 - Business

ICB TV Episode 3

Here, we cover questions from episode 3 of ICB TV.

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27/03/2020 - COVID-19

Practice Licence Delay

At this time applications for a new practice licence may be delayed by extended wait times when obtaining a Criminal Record Check.

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27/03/2020 - COVID-19

COVID-19 MLR Advice

ICB understands that you are duly concerned about the impact that COVID-19 will have on your families, colleagues, friends, and businesses.

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25/03/2020 - Business

HMRC regains preferential status

The UK government has said that it plans to reinstate Crown Preference for HMRC from December 2020.

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25/03/2020 - COVID-19

ICB TV Episode 1 & 2

Garry and Jacquie discussed the latest COVID-19 updates live to over 300 viewers. You can watch the recording and the answers to the Q&A here...

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20/03/2020 - Business

Jobs and Tax Announcement

The latest announcements from the government's COVID-19 briefing on 20 March...

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20/03/2020 - COVID-19

Company filing

Companies House has said businesses affected by Covid-19 will be able to request an extension to file their accounts, reports, and confirmation statements

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20/03/2020 - COVID-19

Who are 'key workers'?

As schools close from today throughout the UK, the government announces list of 'key workers' whose children can remain in school...

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19/03/2020 - Events

Covid-19 - Branches, Inspire, Exams

In these uncertain times we're working hard to ensure that we stay more connected than ever. We're pleased to announce that we're still running Branch Meetings, the Inspire Tour and exams but with a few key changes...

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