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12/12/2019 - Events

Join Fluidly's cashflow webinar

Join Luca Award winning Fluidly to find out more about Intelligent Cashflow and how bookkeepers are using Fluidly to provide value to their clients...

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12/12/2019 - Study & Qualifications

Pre-2019 exams withdrawn on 31 Dec

The syllabus transition year is nearly over and exams B1, B2, B3, B4, BA5, BA6, BA7, ABA8, ABA9 will be withdrawn on 31st December, Find out about the credits you'll get...

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12/12/2019 - Tax

Xmas ode to festive expense claims

'Can you recover the VAT? Will HMRC smell a rat?' here's our light-hearted festive poem about claiming expenses on your office Christmas party...

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12/12/2019 - Pensions

TPR Update December 2019

The Pensions Regulator warns against pension scams...

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12/12/2019 - HMRC Update

HMRC Update December 2019

Although news from HMRC is a little quiet at the moment (did someone say election?) here's a quick look at Agent Update 75...

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12/12/2019 - Bookkeepers Summit

Bookkeepers Summit 2019 roundup

The tenth annual Bookkeepers Summit took place on 25 and 26 November 2019...

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10/12/2019 - Global Bookkeeping Week

GBW 2019 roundup

Bookkeepers across the globe got together to #RaiseACup during 18-22 November...

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09/12/2019 - Business

Know your worth

The Hays UK Salary and Recruiting Trends 2020 Survey shows the demand for bookkeepers...

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09/12/2019 - Business

Business cards still work

Business cards are one of the most effective forms of direct marketing...

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09/12/2019 - Business

Can you expense that?

Research from FreeAgent has found almost 80% of self-employed workers let expenses go unclaimed every year...

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