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16/04/2021 - Tax

Can you do someone's tax return?

Bookkeepers are the backbone of UK business; helping business owners navigate a changing legislative landscape to truly understand their finances in order to not only survive, but to thrive.

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15/04/2021 - HMRC Update

Employer Bulletin 89

As the new tax year starts, the Employer Bulletin 89 has some important information following the Spring Budget and Tax Policies and Consultations for Spring 2021.

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15/04/2021 - HMRC Update

Agent Update: issue 83

Agent Update: issue 83 is now available and contains the latest guidance and information for tax agents and advisers.

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15/04/2021 - Study & Qualifications

How to level up your practice

Have you thought about taking ICB Level 4 qualifications? Being an ICB Certified Bookkeeper in itself is a great achievement, but Level 4 qualifications might just be able to take your practice to the next stage.

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15/04/2021 - Events

Register for the new Sage events

Sage is on a mission to drive imagination, empower and innovate.

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15/04/2021 - HMRC Update

Covid-19 Update from HMRC

We round up the latest news from HMRC - here we look at the fourth SEISS grant if a CJRS grant can be used to pay for holiday leave, and the VAT deferral new payment scheme…

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15/04/2021 - HMRC Update

HMRC Talking Points

HMRC's regular Talking Points provide information, guidance and tips to help you to understand tax issues.

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15/04/2021 - General

Don’t use poor paws-words

Cyber experts at the National Cyber Security Centre have urged people to follow best practice by making passwords with three random words, after revealing 15% of British people use their pet’s name to protect accounts.

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15/04/2021 - Business

Tax timebomb looms for directors

Many company directors are facing a tax time bomb, according to accountancy firm Price Bailey.

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15/04/2021 - COVID-19

City Corporation creates new fund

A Covid Business Recovery Fund of up to £50 million has been launched by the City of London.

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