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ICB qualifications have earned a reputation as the premium and toughest bookkeeping qualifications in the UK. Our pass mark for core bookkeeping exams at Level 2 & 3 is 85% and our students must achieve at least 95% in the specialised tax exams at Level 4. ICB membership demonstrates a unique commitment to the bookkeeping profession. ICB members are expected to maintain their skills throughout their career through annual CPD targets and active participation in the organisation.

ICB Membership Grades

  • Affiliate Member AfICB
  • Associate Member AICB (Level 2 qualifications or equivalent)
  • Member MICB (Level 3 qualifications or equivalent)
  • Fellow FICB (Level 4 qualifications or equivalent)
  • Companion CICB

Qualification Structure

Certified Bookkeepers 

ICB awards the protected title, Certified Bookkeeper, to members who have completed advanced qualifications. The designation offers a reliable benchmark for businesses, government and the public.

Hire a Certified Bookkeeper

A Regulated Profession

Offering a bookkeeping service to clients as a public practice has been regulated since 2007. ICB members in public practice are governed by ICB's Practice Licence scheme, hold Professional Indemnity Insurance and are supervised under the Money Laundering Regulations.

Bookkeepers in Public Practice

Advisory Council

Individuals who have completed two years' membership can apply for election to the Advisory Council: an ICB consultative group of ICB members.

The council has a responsibility to represent the views and opinions of members and the wider bookkeeping profession, and to provide informed advice and independent support to the ICB Executive.

Advisory Council


Fellow is the highest grade of ICB membership, reserved for senior bookkeepers who have completed Level 4 (in tax, analysis and reporting) And held full Membership for at least two years.  

Fellows are vital to ICB's decision-making processes and their collective knowledge and experience are regularly called upon.


If we are unable to award exemptions based on your qualification or experience, you can take our examinations to gain membership.

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If you are an experienced bookkeeper or have comparable qualifications, you may be able to gain an exemption from ICB examinations.

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Professional status, global recognition, support, exclusive discounts, and the kinship of the world’s biggest bookkeeper community.

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Are you a business owner or new startup? Find out how to keep good records & hire a bookkeeper.

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