ICB membership is underpinned by a strong community network of local branches meeting regularly across the country.


"I would like to say a huge thanks to everyone for being so nice and welcoming on what was my first meeting. I had been apprehensive for a while but I'm so glad I finally did go. It was nice to meet a few different people, who are at different stages of progression in their bookkeeping careers, and I came out feeling very enthusiastic and raring to put my skills to some good use [...] I look forward to attending future meetings and would recommend them to anyone thinking of going along." 

Gemma Gallagher, MICB, South Yorkshire Branch


ICB branches are established roughly along county lines within 14 'regions' of the UK.  Pick your region from the menu on the right and find out what your local branches are up to.

Reasons to attend

We’ve put together a list of our top reasons why you should attend a Branch meeting. 

1. Brain gain

Speakers from leading organisations are regular guests at the branch meetings and are on hand to give you their expert advice. Not only will you be increasing your bookkeeping skills, but you will also be clocking up the hours towards your CPD targets. 

You can expect to hear from experienced members or industry experts, such as HMRC's Barbara Wilson, who delivers educational talks on Self-Assessment Tax and other useful tips direct from HMRC.  

2. Business potential

Branch meetings are a good opportunity to meet other professionals that you could potentially do business with.  

Mingling with other business owners can be an eye-opener and an opportunity to ask advice, as well as the chance to meet a future business partner, employee or employer.

3. Boost confidence

Find “networking” a daunting experience? Networking can seem intimidating, but once you’ve done it, it gets easier and easier. ICB Branch meetings are a relaxed environment for you to meet fellow members; you are all in the same boat and all have something to offer one another. Branch Meetings are organised by members for members. 

4. Continuing Professional Development 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is not only useful to help you remain knowledgeable and provide a quality service, but it is also an asset to you as a member of ICB. The simplest way for you to achieve CPD points is by attending and getting involved at your local ICB Branch Meetings.  Each Branch aims to host around seven meetings each year. 


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