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can a sole trader claim cost of chiropractor as business expense?

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I have a client who has hurt his back whislt carrying out his normal work as a motor mechanic. Can he claim the cost of treatment as a business expense?

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Would he have been able to continue working without the treatment?

Was the expense incurred W and E for purposes of trade - consider duality, might be difficult to prove didn't benefit personally from treatment.

2 useful threads

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Thank you for your reply Gravelpit (interesting name).

I have looked at your helpful links.

It seems unfair but clear that he cannot claim - I will let him know.

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Just a username for the forum, Wu-Tang Clan fan when was bit/lot younger!

If you can prove purpose of expenditure is solely business and any private benefit incidental you possibly could claim but from what I've read it seems most likely that HMRC would disallow (BIM 37940 'Wholly and exclusively: expenditure having an intrinsic duality of purpose:health')


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No he can not claim it as a business expense. However if he has the proper insurance in place he should be able to claim the cost towards it

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