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CIMA qualified but looking to focus on bookkeeping

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Hi there. I've been covering the accounts for a new landscape gardening business that I became involved in starting up nearly a year ago now, mainly in order to get my autitistic son lined up for something employment wise when he finishes 6th form in a couple of years time.

I'm still in full time employment and have been with my current employer a fair while (38 years to be precise!!). I'm CIMA qualified and have had various accounting & finance roles in that time. I'm now at that stage in my career where I feel the need for a change and have always had a desire to move into the bookkeeping side of things, with a view to branching out on my own once I feel confident to do so.

Would appreciate some advice on what the next steps would be for me to attain full bookkeping accreditation, given that I have a grasp of the basics but needing to up my expertise in order to seriously move this forward as an option. Not quite sure where I stand with exemptions given that I am CIMA qualified.

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With your CIMA qualification you should be able to get a practising certificate from CIMA especially if you are only looking to do bookkeeping.

Also, with your CIMA qualification you would be able to gain full membership of the AAT from whom you should also be able to get a practising certificate.

For information, if you have a practising certificate with AAT, CIMA would not require you to have one with them (and vice versa).

The AAT qualification focuses heavily on bookkeeping up to Level Three so you could refresh your knowledge by reviewing the bookkeeping elements of their syllabus.  I would recommend Osborne Books for textbooks.

In regards to marketing your skills:

Employers are much more familiar with CIMA and AAT compared to ICB.

Smaller clients in your own private practice would be less discerning about qualifications but marketing yourself as a Chartered Management Accountant would probably have the most impact.

Hope that helps.

Kind regards,


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Many thanks David. Very useful.

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You might want to consider ICB though as they seem to be more in line with a self employed bookkeeper over an employed one. Ideal schools do some great courses so you can be more rounded like payroll frs105 etc etc.




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Thanks Digit

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