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Payroll Management Diploma 18/19 Exam

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I was wondering if anyone else has been having problems with both the Mock and main exam for the Payroll Management Diploma 2018/2019?


I puchased both the mock and main exam yesterday - completed the mock exam last night but received no results. Just a message stating that I would receive my results by 16th November!


However, my main concern is the main exam.  I have opened the instructions page for the exam (as suggested in the email from ICB) but have not ticked the declaration or pressed start as I am still waiting for the mock results.


As with all ICB exams the clock will not start counting down until you have clicked start and I am still in the instructions screen, but the clock has already started counting down! 


I have two screenshots showing the instruction screen and the clock counting down. By this evening the time will have run out and I will have wasted £62 for nothing.


Anyone else having this issue or had this issue with another exam?

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Thanks for the warning.  Hope you get it clarified. 

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