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MTD And Xero

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Pleased to announce that all my clients are on Xero and on MTD platform via Xero. We have also submitted all of our QE Feb VAT returns via Xero/MTD and no issues at all.

Thank you Xero for making the process seemless.

Not a single issue. It just works.

Its the way all accounting software should be designed/developed.

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Glad to hear that Xero is the right software for you.

I work for an Estate Agent and we have just started using Xero. We have 2 bank accounts. The Office Account for general expenses and property sales and the Rental Account for income and expenditure relating to rental properties. At the moment everything is on excel and for the Rental Account everything is recorded under the property address.

Can I still record income and expenditure under the property address rather than tenant or landlord name? Also, if we pay an invoice on behalf of a landlord, which would later be deducted from their payment, can I code directly to property address rather than a profit/loss account as it won't be a cost to the company?

I have contacted Xero and I'm waiting for a reply but thought I would also try other avenues to see how others would deal with this situation.

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