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Stranger to MICB

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I am frm Philippines and I am already an MICB through passing an exam. I wasn't told what is the benefits of being a member, I just know that it would help me boost my CV and would be able to help me acquire a challenging job abroad. However, I have been reading this site and I am still confused of what I can do. I tried to explore the 'Bookkeeping Jobs' option and it said I am not qualified to apply for one though as far as I know, I am already an MICB.

What is the next step I should take? What are the levels of being a bookkeeper (I read it has three or four levels)? How to have a Practice License? Will I be able to get one if I'm from the Philippines? 

Thank you. Any replies would be appreciated.

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I'm sorry I can't really answer your question properly but I would contact the ICB direct as they are very helpful.  It was my understanding that, in order to apply for jobs you have to be registered and may need your practice license before application but I am only just on my bookkeeping journey.  


Good luck with your applications Smile

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