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Charging for 64-8 client authorisations

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Hi Wonder if I can have some feedback please - the accountant that quite a few of my clients use has this year retired and so I needed to find a new accountant for those clients who needed one - one of whom happens to be my other half!!  I have just received an invoice from the new accountant for the submission of my other half''s tax return and am surprised to find a charge for the completion and submission to HMRC of the 64-8 client authorisation forms.  I personally have never charged for completing and submitting these forms as I looked at it being part of taking on a new client not a chargeable activity.  I have not known an accountant to charge either but I have to admit that I had worked with our previous accountant for many years so wondered if this is a common practise now - I don't want to query this invoice until I find out if I am out of date - the fee for just the 64-8 (one for partnership one for personal) was £50 plus VAT (added to which they forgot to send the partnership one to him so I had to print it off and deliver it to them for their details had I known they were going to charge for the service I would have completed and submitted myself!) Your comments would be appreciated Thanks in advance Nikki

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Oh wow... I have never met anyone who charged for a 64-8 either to be honest... Even if somebody feels the need would just build in the cost of work to prevent a question just like that :)

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