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Membership by Exemption how long?

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Hello everyone and Happy Festive Season.

I have applied for membership by exemption 3months ago and still nothing. 

I think about halfway through this waiting time I did call ICB to check if they have received all the documents and to check if they would need anything else to support my application. I was assured that they have got my application and it should not take long now. Well still waiting and now it's a festive season, so will have to wait till New Year. But can it take much longer than 3months? 

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Well from my experience:

- Jan 2020 applied and paid fee;

- April 2020 recieved email to say application under review, then no further information/contact.


Ended up becoming member of IAB via exemption instead.


Best of luck with ICB.




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No way AdrianM. Was the fees returned to you? Have you tried calling ICB?

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Fees are non-refundable as far as I know.  Especially if you decide to pull out of application process.

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Hi ViktorijaVathaj

Did you hear back regarding your application?

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Has anyone heard anything at all? All my emails go unanswered.

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In my experience is the best calling. I had no luck when emailing as well. 

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