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M8 Level 3 Final Assessment Pass

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Received my results today and passed my M8 Final Assessment Exam.

I am very pleased to have completed my level 3.

I also managed to acheive my goal on time, i wanted to be qualified before my 60th birthday in 6 days time.

I just want to try and encourage others, i self studied and  it is never too late to make changes and learn something new and gain completly new qualifacations.

I am a Joiner by trade, but as from today i am now an ICB Certified Bookkeeper. ( membership to sort).

My intentions are to get my membership upgraded and apply for my practice licence and start looking for clients.

Also will be starting the level 4 Diploma.


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That is fantastic, Des, congratulation, and thank you for the inspirational post.

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Hi Yolande,

Thank you so much, thank you for taking the time to reply.

I just hope it might inspire others because i have read some very negitive posts from people in the past.

All the best Yolande.


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