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Paying an Employee who leaves work during Furlough

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Hi Guys


Looking for some direction please.


A memeber of staff has been on Furlough since December and has emailed in Her 1 weeks notice from 5th April. 

When paying the wages and holiday pay due is she entitlted to 100% or is she paid the furlough rate of 80%?.




Donna McSherry AfICB.

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Hi Donna

The notice period cannot be claimed by the employer as furlough if the employee has given notice meaning they have to pay them their full normal pay.

Holiday pay has to be paid at full rate as well, again as they're leaving it can't be claimed as furlough.

This situation is where it puts the employer using the furlough scheme at a disadvantage as they have to pay 100% but cannot claim any of it back.


Hope that helps.

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