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I have recently completed AAT Level 3 and wish to transfer over to ICB to obtain a licence to be a self employed Bookkeeper. 


I have purchased the bridging exam book, however as sombody who previously attended college for my AAT lessons, self studying from home is proving to be a challenge. 


I have searched the internet for some youtube vidoes or additional study material covering what he bridging exam entails and no luck! 

I have emailed the ICB for assistance and again, no luck. 


Does anybody have any advice at all? I would love to hear from somebody who has recently completed the bridging exam. 


Also, how are the mocks and the real exams carried out? Are they similar to AAT in that they are computer based?


Many Thanks,


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Hi Gemma,


I have gone this route last August.


Bridging exam covers partnerships and sole traders accounts preparation as well aa charities which were not included in the AAT.


Make sure you do at least one mock as it will show you how exam is laid out.


All the best :) 




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Hi Gemma, 

I am in a similar position with the additional complication that, having switched from AAT bookkeeping at level 2 to AAT accounting at level 3, I had to take the ICB's level 2 computerised bookkeeping as well.  Tried to work from the ICB book but very slow progress (not helped by life getting in the way).  In the end I looked for distance learing to cover the gap.  I tried four or five complanies from the ICB list but the only people I found who seemed to cover this specifically were Ideal Schools.  Just done the computing exam so on to the bridging exam next.  Different to what I was used to, but I think they will help me through without too much bother (hopefully this side of Christmas).  

Good luck, 


PS Their price includes various fees to ICB - if you go with them, just check that you are not paying twice - I found them helpful over this.  

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