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East Midlands region overview

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I want to start planning our next regional meeting for April and would be grateful to receive feedback from local members regarding preferred dates and times for the meeting. If you found the timing or location of previous meetings difficult then please let me know. It would also be useful to hear your suggestions regarding speaker or subject for the next meeting. Speakers from other regional meetings who may be available to us are from Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs, however, if you would prefer a more social networking get together this time then please speak up.
Look forward to seeing your comments.

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Hi Debbie,

Apologies that I didn't get to the last meeting - but just to say that I don't have any real preference over timing or location of meetings. I value the opportunity to meet and converse with local colleagues and will try to attend future meetings.

Personally I am interested in the growth of "cloud based" accounting systems and I know that Ray is now an agent for Xero. It may not be too easy to organise (requires internet access etc) but perhaps Ray could give us an overview of the system and outline what he found in selecting this over other offerings (apologies Ray - I didn't ask you before suggesting this).



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I have only just been told about this forum by Angela so apologies for not commenting on the Xero question earlier.

I have been a Xero certified advisor for a few months now and although I have clients who insist on dealing with other online systems, Xero is still by far the best in my opinion.

I will be happy to give a demonstration either over the web as a webinar or in person sometime if anyone is interested.

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Hi Debbie. So sorry I couldnt make the last meeting and would like to attend future ones. Would it be possible to post a few provisional dates before confirming a date, then you could get feedback from members to see which would be convenient for most. I too would be interested in the 'cloud' software.

Many thanks and hope to see everyone soon.


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Does anyone know of any meetings in the Northamptonshire area?

I am keen to meet up with fellow ICB members but all the meetings are a bit too far away for me to get too.

I asked the question on the general forum and was advised to contact the regional chairman.  Not sure if you can contact them directly, so thought I would ask on here first.


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I have recently found the Northampton group on the Forum.  I am in the same boat as you.  The next meeting is at Highgatge House on the 9th September.  9:30 for coffee - 10:00 start



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