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Text Book Advice for Level II & III

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I am going to sit my Level II and Level III exams. Could anyone suggest a good text book that would cover the syllabus up to level III? I will be doing both manual and comp.

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Hello Mairi

The only ones I have used and which I must admit are pretty good are the ones published by Kaplan.  They have the Practical Bookkeeping and Advanced Bookkeeping - they also have one titled Advanced Bookkeeping Kit which is filled with different scenario type questions which really assist in testing all areas of the syllabus.  These can be found on the ICB shop.

For the computerised component, I used the Sage 50 Accounts Professional tests issued directly by Sage themselves.  Alternatively, you could contact one of the distance learning providers (also shown on the ICB where to study section) to see if any of their courses are suitable for you.

I hope this helps.

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Having achieved Level 1 Manual & Level 2 Computerised, waiting results on Payroll Management. I will be looking to do Level 2 & 3 Manual & Level 3 Computerised, could anyone tell me if the manual exams are done online like level 1? Have used Homelearning College for these, but finding it's very expensive & i donot use the services they provide, i find i can work my way through the books without any help.


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Hi Linda

I have taken both the level II exams and about to take the Level III manual. The manual exams have to be taken at an exam centre. Unlike the computerised exams you are not allowed access to any notes or text books. I find them much more challenging.

I have been studying through Training-Link and have found the course notes they provide are good preparation for the exam. I have also downloaded past papers from this web site, although they are not the same format as the exam they are good practise. There is one online mock you can take through this website, which replicates the exam conditions.

I would recommend taking this because it would be quite a shock if you took all the past papers, which can be answered using a sheet of paper or excell spreadsheet only to find the exam is a different format on a test centre computer - although you are allowed a pen, pad and calculator to work on answers.

Good Luck

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Thanks Mikee

Will have to talk to my son on test centres then Laughing he's doing his CIMA and is part qualified. All my exams so far have been home based which i find helps as i haven't sat exams since qualifying as a hairdresser over 35 yrs ago.

Best of luck to you too

Linda   Smile

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I would definitely recommend the Kaplan textbooks, regardless of which exam is being taken. The depth, quality and examples used are excellent. Its important to appreciate that some theory / definitions knowledge is needed - its not just about number crunching.

Good luck to all of you, whenever you are sitting 

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Hi Can anybody tell me what is Level three about as I am considering it at present.
And may have an Interview for a Bookkeepers Role my CV was sent today by my Agency. The question may come up regarding where am I going next so if I knew a bit about this would be useful to help me make my decision.

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